We serve customers from various industries and fields. Our activities and clients are oriented to energy producing and distribution companies, manufacturers of dairy industry, chemical industry, Wine and Beer Industry, Water and Sanitation, Sugar Industry, Cement Industry, etc., but we are always ready to serve customers from other industries and fields with appropriate instrumentation and staff.

According to the ownership structure:

Private companies 65%
Stated-owned companies 25%
Individual clients 10%

We are working with both private and state owned companies. We serve our customers according to individual requirements and we are flexible to respect clients’ internal procedures and standards. In this regard, we could keep high satisfaction and long-term relations.

According to the share proportion:


The majority of the projects and customers we were involved are local based but there is an extending tendency of collaborations with international donors (UNDP, GIZ, EBRD, etc.), companies with foreign investments, others.