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Tecofi develops its business in the following fields:
water supply and water treatment, food, chemical, cement works, air conditioning, engineering, nuclear, paper-making, petrochemestry, pharmacy, power plant, iron and steel industries, sugar refinery, textile,..
One of Tecofi main business is the enviroment sector where pollution fight has become prioritary.
In this field, Tecofi provides a full range of valves for water-air-waste treatments.
Tecofi presents the best tesimonial in all business on French and international market.
Tecofi industrial valves range is comprehensive:
Valves, check valves, strainers,… for HVAC projects.
Knife gate valves for pulverulent and pasty products.
Diaphragm valves for acids and aggressive products.
Butterfly valves: general use…
Ball check valves
Expansion joints: we have an important stock for every industry.
Special manufacturing: This part increases for Tecofi.
Tecofi designs, manufactures and mounts all specific adaptations.

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