Techno Test S.R.L. has developed an expert team of infrastructure professionals that has successfully completed projects of various sizes and levels of complexity for municipalities, private and public utilities, and private developments. Our engineers apply their technical expertise and thorough knowledge of infrastructure construction to ensure an uncompromised level of quality for our clients. Engineers in this group are supported by our staff of structural engineers, site designers, environmental scientists, and landscape architects, as needed, to achieve the firms overall goal of respect for the environment, our clients, and the communities we serve. The firm is fully equipped to provide our clients with all the services necessary to identify new water supply sources, analyze existing and proposed systems, make recommendations, provide engineering design services, prepare cost analyses, develop design specifications and bid documents, and provide construction administration services.  Specific services include:

  •    -Feasibility Studies
  •    -Boiler houses
  •    -Individual heat substations
  •    -Heat, gas, water and waste water networks
  •    -Metering and monitoring systems
  •    -Pump Station Design
  •    -Sanitary Sewer Design
  •    -Low and high Pressure Sewer Systems
  • -Water Main Design
  • -Water Main Rehabilitation
  • -Treatment Processes
  • -Facilities Planning
  • -Hydraulic Analysis and Modeling
  • -Hydrologic & Hydraulic Analysis
  • -Site Master Planning
  • -Site Planning & Design

Construction works

Techno Test provides a full range of construction services from the conceptual design phase through the facility-commissioning phase. Services provided during the Construction Phase include:

  • Providing on-site construction administration, supervision, and coordination.
  • Scheduling and conducting all job site and construction meetings.
  • Developing and maintaining construction schedules.
  • Maintaining cost accounting and cost control records.
  • Reviewing with the owner and architect/engineer the monthly status reports
  • Processing change orders initiated by the owner.
  • Preparing punch lists in advance of completion and establishing management systems for correction of any deficient work by the appropriate contractor.
  • Arranging for inspections by the appropriate governing authorities.
  • Monitoring adherence to safety programs & coordinating all safety requirements.
  • Coordinating all general condition items including temporary facilities.
  • Accepting delivery and arranging storage, protection, and security for all owner purchased materials, systems, and equipment.
  • Assisting the owner/architect/engineer with selection of the surveyor and testing labs.
  • Obtaining for the owner all building equipment, operating manuals and warranty information, and coordinating startup of the building systems with operational personnel.
  • Obtaining for the owner As-built drawings for the architect/engineer and contractors.
  • Finalizing accounting on construction contracts, recommending retainage release, and obtaining final lien waivers.
  • Coordinating contractor warranty work as required during the warranty period.
  • Assisting the owner in occupancy, equipment startup, and systems operations through the appropriate suppliers and trades.

Design, production and commissioning of Individual Heat Substations

Techno Test designs and manufacture the individual heat substations for state owned and private buildings. The district heating substation is our optimal solution for connection to the district heating network and assuring the maximum eficiency. It supplies hot tap water and heating to residential, commercial and industrial buildings. We offer standard and non-standard solutions based on our experience in the design, production and selection of components of world’s leading producers. The district heating substations are module-based complex solutions with the following characteristics:

  • Compact design with logical systems configuration, which make them easy for transportation, mounting, servicing and exploitation
  • Complete “plug&play” solution which makes the mounting phase easy for executors, consultants and building supervisors
  • The district heating substation is delivered fully assembled, tested and functionally wired for easy and effective installation
  • Solutions which meet the requirements and needs of the district heating companies. They are applicable to residential, commercial and industrial buildings
Individual heat substations offer the opportunity of tap water production inside the consumer building assuring that no network losses are created and reduces the transportation costs and respectively the reduction of the heat energy. This will also assure that the tap water is delivered in time to each consumer due to the internal circulation.


Steam Boiler, Heating Boiler and CHP System Solutions

Our company provides supply, installation, commissioning and testing services for Steam Boiler, Heating Boiler and CHP System Solutions. With a maintenance service contract, our customer service engineers undertake two or four times per year the inspection and maintenance of your boiler and firing system, its control unit and the water treatment system, and even right through to the complete boiler house. We can also undertake on request all the necessary monitoring work required as part of the tests. Individually tailored to your requirements, either as a one-off commission or as part of an ongoing order within a maintenance service contract. We can perform complete status reviews of existing systems and make specific suggestions on how to achieve:

  • Greater efficiency
  • More efficient operation
  • Reduced emissions
  • Compliance with the latest regulations
  • Greater automation
  • Reduced wear
to enable you to operate your boiler system more cost-effectively, in a more environmentally friendly way and with less risk of breakdown.


Metrological verification and other measurement services

The Department for the metrological verification provides several services that could be provided as separate service or in complex with deliveries of the equipment. In this regards, our company could provide following services:

  • Metrological verification for water, wastewater, heat & cooling meters
  • Sensors – calibration, calibration check & cleaning
  • Execution of procedures related to national certification of equipment
  • Metal quality testing
  • Measurement and identification of underground networks leakages (for water, wastewater and heat networks)
  • Electrical power quality analysis
  • Vibration measurement and regulation of axis alignment for pumps and other engine driven equipment


Sales on request

For locals. Engaged in such various infrastructure domains and due to our both extended customer list and partners, our company is processing orders for different equipment and solutions.In this regard, our engineering and purchasing department will collaborate in order to provide the best technical and financial offers.

For international clients. The other side of the “sales on request” is realizing the connection between the producer and the customer. In the case, a producer or contract manager is requesting for some expertize, our company could provide full design, selection, supply, commissioning and solution certification services for equipment or complex systems. In the case we are working for international clients, we could manage the import/export operations and on request assuring the procurement plan of the project.