Aluminum analyzer Stamolys CA71AL

Aluminum analyzer Stamolys CA71AL

Colorimetric system for the monitoring of drinking water, municipal and industrial wastewater

The CA71AL online analyzer improves analytic procedures by replacing manual cuvette tests. Its highly accurate measurement enables you to make sure that the aluminum content of potable water always complies with regulations. CA71AL also helps to optimize the dosage of aluminum precipitants for phosphate elimination saving money in wastewater applications.


  • Automatic calibration and self-cleaning
  • Free selectable measuring, cleaning and calibration intervals
  • Measured value storage using integrated data logger
  • Trace measurement from 10 μg/l possible
  • Two-channel version available

Field of application

  • Phosphate elimination in sewage treatment plants
  • Precipitant monitoring in wastewater and drinking water applications

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