Analog conductivity sensor Condumax CLS19

Analog conductivity sensor Condumax CLS19

Conductive conductivity sensor for simple standard applications in pure and ultrapure water

Condumax CLS19 measures conductivity in the low measuring ranges. It performs reliably and accurately in a wide range of applications. Designed for low maintenance and a long operating life, the sensor offers you best value for money.


  • Installation in pipes or flow chambers
  • Pt 100 temperature sensor for temperature compensation
  • Compact design

Field of application

Measurement in pure and ultrapure water:

  • Monitoring ion exchangers
  • Reverse osmosis

The measuring range of the sensors depends on the cell constant k:

  • k = 0.01 cm-1: 0.04 ... 20 µS/cm
  • k = 0.1 cm-1: 0.1 ... 200 µS/cm

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