Conductivity compact device Smartec CLD132

Conductivity compact device Smartec CLD132
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Toroidal conductivity measuring system for hygienic applications

Smartec CLD132 is a measuring system for inductive conductivity in the food & beverage industry. The combination of a transmitter and a sensor is interference-free, easy-to-use and features a hygienic design that protects your products and processes from contamination. Moreover, Smartec CLD132 is equipped with a stainless steel temperature sensor that gives you an ultrafast temperature response for reliable measurement in separation applications.


  • Engineered for quick temperature response
  • Hygienic design avoids recontamination
  • Suitable for cleaning-in-place (CIP) and sterilization-in-place (SIP)
  • Maintenance-free due to non-contact measurement
  • Insensitive to soiling

Field of application

Smartec CLD132 measures toroidal conductivity particularly in food & beverage applications, where a fast temperature response is needed, such as:

  • Alkaline/acid concentration control in remaking
  • Phase separation of product/water and product/product mixtures in pipe systems
  • Monitoring and control of bottle cleaning systems
  • Product monitoring
  • CIP system control

Smartec CLD132 features the following protocols and interfaces:

  • 0/4...20mA
  • HART

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