Deltabar FMD76

Deltabar FMD76
  • V_030507

The Deltabar FMD76 differential pressure transmitter with capacitive, oil-free ceramic sensor is typically used in the process industry for continuous level measurement in liquids. The 3-key operation allows for simple and reliable commissioning and operation. The integrated HistoROM data module makes it possible to record, save and read out important process and device parameters. Designed according to IEC 61508 for use in SIL3 safety applications.


  • Overload-resistant high purity ceramic sensor (99.9% Al2O3)
  • Very good reproducibility and long-term stability
  • HistoROM data backup for instrument settings and measured values
  • Developed and designed according to IEC 61508, approved for use in SIL3 safety applications(min., max., range)
  • Quick commissioning thanks to quick setup menu with extensive diagnostic functions
  • Easy and safe menu-guided product configuration: On-site via display module, 4 to 20mA with HART, PROFIBUS PA, or FOUNDATION Fieldbus
  • Modular design for dP and pressure platform, e.g. replaceable display, universal electronics

Field of application

For level, volume or mass measurement in liquids.

  • Process connections: Threads and flanges
  • Temperature: -20 to +85°C (-4 to +185°F)
  • Measuring range: +100mbar to +3 bar (+1.5psi to +45psi)
  • Accuracy: ±0.075%, "Plantinum" ±0.05% (optional)
  • ATEX, FM, CSA, NEPSI, TIIS, IEC Ex, GL, ABS, 3-A, SIL3, WHG overfill prevention

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