Digital ammonium and nitrate sensor ISEmax CAS40D

Digital ammonium and nitrate sensor ISEmax CAS40D
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Ion-selective Memosens sensor for the wastewater industry

ISEmax CAS40D is the right technology for trend measurement directly in the basin. It helps you to increase the efficiency and reduce the energy costs of your aeration processes. The sensor works without reagents saving you even further money. With its robust ion-selective membranes and excellent self-cleaning, it eases your maintenance tasks. Thanks to Memosens, CAS40D combines maximum process and data integrity with best operating comfort and simplifies predictive maintenance.


  • Nitrate and ammonium measured directly without the need for expensive sample conditioning
  • Optional potassium and/or chloride measurement to compensate high concentrations of interference ions
  • Low maintenance thanks to automatic flushing unit
  • Installed directly on the basin rim, no measuring container or sample-conveying pump required
  • Easy handling due to storage of sensor-specific data

Field of application

The ion-selective electrode system ISEmax works directly in the activated sludge basin of the municipal wastewater treatment plant without any sample conditioning or sample transportation.

It can be applied for:

  • Determination of ammonium and nitrate concentration directly in the aeration basin
  • Control and regulation of dynamic processes
  • Determination of ammonium load (pH-compensated) in the inlet of the aeration basin
  • Load-dependent aeration control

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