Digital oxygen sensor Oxymax COS22D

Digital oxygen sensor Oxymax COS22D
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Memosens amperometric oxygen sensor for standard, hygienic and sterile applications

The Oxymax COS22D safeguards your products, process and plant equipment from oxygen influences. It measures reliably over a wide range helping you to better monitor and control your applications. The sensor is low-maintenance and ensures long-term stability - even with frequent sterilization and autoclaving. Thanks to Memosens digital technology, COS22D combines maximum process and data integrity with simple operation. It enables lab calibration and facilitates predictive maintenance.


  • Sterilizable and autoclavable
  • Installation in standard pH assemblies possible
  • Suitable for CIP/SIP and autoclaving
  • Integrated temperature sensor
  • Versatile usage

Field of application

  • Pharma and biotechnology
    – Process control in enzyme production
    – Control of culture growth
  • Food industry
    – Beverages
  • Chemical industry
  • Water treatment
    – Boiler feed water
    – WFI (water for injection)
  • Inertizations
  • Residual oxygen measurement in processes

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