Dissolved oxygen sensor Oxymax COS61

Dissolved oxygen sensor Oxymax COS61
  • DCF 1.0

Optical oxygen sensor for water, wastewater and utilities

Oxymax COS61 is a high-performance oxygen sensor that offers fast, accurate and drift-free measurement. It supports your process with low maintenance, high availability and easy handling. The sensor's long-term stable fluorescence layer is exclusively oxygen-selective (interference-free), ensuring consistently reliable measurement.


  • Minimum maintenance, maximum availability
  • Calibration data saved in sensor
  • Extended maintenance intervals and a high degree of long-term stability
  • Intelligent self-monitoring guarantees reliable measured values
  • No flow needed - measurement possible in still water
  • Easy measuring point changeover to optical technology compatible with COS31 and COS41

Field of application

  • Sewage treatment plants:
    Oxygen measurement and regulation in the activated sludge basin for a highly efficient biological cleaning process
  • Water monitoring:
    Oxygen measurement in rivers, lakes or seas as an indicator of the water quality
  • Water treatment:
    Oxygen measurement for status monitoring of drinking water (oxygen enrichment, corrosion protection, etc.)
  • Fish farming:
    Oxygen measurement and regulation for optimum living and growth conditions
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