Cleanfit CPA450

Cleanfit CPA450

The manual Cleanfit CPA450 is the first step into the world of retractable assemblies. It is designed for installation in thick-walled tanks or large pipes and copes with fibrous or coating media. CPA450 features a ball valve which seals off the process reliably, making sensor handling extremely easy. It is no longer necessary to interrupt the process or empty a tank for sensor service or replacement.


  • Simple removal and installation of pH/ORP electrode under process conditions
  • On-site cleaning or dismounting of pH/ORP electrode without process interruption
  • Process is sealed off reliably by ball valve made of stainless steel
  • Variable immersion depth up to 700 mm

Field of application

  • pH/ORP measurement in the chemical industry
  • Tanks and process vessels
  • Pipelines
  • Fibrous media or media that form coats
  • Power stations

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