Dipfit CPA111

Dipfit CPA111

Universal assembly for the water and wastewater industry

The Dipfit CPA111 immersion assembly is designed for applications in open and closed tanks. It offers space for three sensors that can be easily mounted and removed via the bayonet lock. The adjustable flange gives you the required flexibility for universal use. Dipfit is the time- and cost-efficient solution for standard water and wastewater treatment.


  • Simple installation and removal of electrode holder due to bayonet lock mounting method
  • Flexible immersion depth thanks to adjustable flange
  • Made of environmentally compatible polypropylene material
  • Three electrode mounting positions for pH/ORP and temperature sensors in standard length of 120 mm

Field of application

Dipfit W CPA111 is intended for universal use in wastewater / water treatment as well as process applications. It is suitable for use with elevated pressures of up to 6 bar.

The bayonet mounting method allows the electrodes to be removed quickly and conveniently. The chemical electrode cleaning system Chemoclean can be integrated without the need to convert the assembly.

A whole range of accessories is available:

  • Wet bucket
  • KCl reservoir
  • Calibration cap
  • Mounting frame
  • Adapter for adjustable flange

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