Dipfit CPA140

Dipfit CPA140

Durable assembly for the chemical, petrochemical, life sciences and power industries

The Dipfit CPA140 immersion assembly is designed for all demanding applications where aggressive media are involved. With its flange connection, Dipfit is installed safely in the process and offers space for three sensors. Its bayonet lock offers you easy sensor installation even in sticky media or media containing solid particles, thus saving time for maintenance and recalibration.


  • Simple installation and removal of the electrode holder thanks to the bayonet mounting method
  • Flexible connection to the process by means of various flanges (DIN, ANSI, JIS)
  • Reduced condensation due to a Goretex filter
  • Three mounting positions for pH, ORP, and temperature sensors plus a cleaning unit

Field of application

  • Chemical industry, e.g. for production of:
    - Synthetic materials and dyes
    - Pesticides and fertilizers
  • Petrochemical industry, e.g. for:
    - Separation of oil and wastewater
    - Treatment of condensates
  • Pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries, e.g. for production of:
    - Soap
    - Proteins
    - Lipolysis
  • Power plants and waste incinerating plants, e.g. for:
    - Monitoring of cooling water
    - Scrubbing of exhaust gases
  • Extractive metallurgy and metal processing

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