pH/ORP transmitter Liquisys CPM253

pH/ORP transmitter Liquisys CPM253

Compact field device for all industries

Liquisys CPM253 is a standard pH/ORP transmitter for all analog and digital Memosens sensors. It improves your operational safety thanks to continuous plausibility, process and sensor checks. Select from numerous hardware and software modules, such as relays or fieldbus communication, to adapt it exactly to your measuring task. This modularity also allows you to upgrade the transmitter at any time. A simple menu and two-point calibration make configuration and operation fast and easy.


  • Ultrasimple two-point calibration
  • Calibration plausibility check
  • Automatic cleaning trigger on alarm or limit violation
  • Sensor Check System for pH glass and reference
  • 2nd current output for temperature, pH/ORP or continuous controller

Field of application

  • Effluent treatment
  • Neutralization
  • Detoxication (electroplating)
  • Water treatment
  • Water monitoring

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