1-/2-channel transmitter STIP-scan CAM74

1-/2-channel transmitter STIP-scan CAM74
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For nitrate, CODeq, BODeq, TOCeq, SAC, total solids, sludge volume, sludge index and turbidity

The STIP-scan CAM74 is a multiparameter transmitter for use with the CAS74 sensor. Thanks to its patented, fully-automated contamination detection it provides verified measured values and predictive maintenance data. The optional 2-channel version can operate two sensors simultaneously, reducing investment costs. The CAM74 transmitter is suitable for industrial environments - its robust housing withstands harsh process conditions.


  • Measurement directly in the process
  • Minimum operational costs
  • No chemicals required
  • No external sampler and sample conditioning
  • Self-cleaning and low-maintenance

Field of application

STIP-scan is an in-situ measuring system for the following applications:

  • Continuous monitoring of organic contamination in water and wastewater
  • Continuous monitoring of nitrate in water and waste water
  • Measurement of sludge parameters
  • Special measurements in the spectral range from 200 to 680 nm

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