Cell growth and biomass sensor OUSBT66

Cell growth and biomass sensor OUSBT66
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Hygienic NIR absorption measurement in fermentation and crystallization applications

The OUSBT66 NIR absorption sensor monitors cell growth, biomass processes, algae systems and crystallization processes. It provides you with reliable, precise measured values in real-time to optimize your process and your product yield. The sensor's hygienic design is CIP/SIP resistant and allows autoclavation. Equipped with NIST-traceable and certified clip-on filters, OUSBT66 is outstandingly easy to calibrate and verify.


  • Sterilizable and autoclavable
  • CIP/SIP resistant
  • Sapphire windows without seals and crevices
  • Easy verification with traceable clip-on filters
  • Various optical pathlengths for different cell cultures and concentrations
  • Available in several lengths to accomodate any fermenter and bioreactor size
  • PG 13.5 thread for standard assemblies or head plate installations

Field of application

  • Cell growth in bacterial fermentation and mammalian cell culture applications
  • Biomass during fermentation processes
  • Monitoring of algea concentration
  • Control of crystallization processes
  • Suspended solids measurement

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